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Through simple, targeted, rapid response efforts, AMIS, Inc. organizes support for Northeast Ohio immigrants in crisis. Our grassroots network of allies and advocates come together through local events and giving campaigns to ease the financial burden for individuals and families who have immigrated to the United States.

To learn how you can support current immigrant needs click here and to learn about our past efforts and successes, click here.

The AMIS Mission

The mission of AMIS is to inspire hope and contribute to the well-being of immigrants and families as they seek legal status in the United States by assisting with resources for legal services, education, basic living expenses, and self-sufficiency.

$46 and Change! Celebrating a new administration

Funds raised in the $46 and Change Campaign will be used to pay for the filing fees for DACA recipients which were recently increased dramatically by the Trump Administration to inhibit applications. The fee is $495/person.Suggested Donation Amounts are $46.00, $92.00, $138.00 or $495.00, which pays the full amount of a DACA renewal application. Our

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A Patron of Freedom: Update on Ansly Damus

Thanks to a 2019 article by Mike McIntyre: Haitian Asylum Seeker Ansly Damus adjusting to freedom seeking work to help family at home (photo credit Chuck Crow / Plain Dealer)  — Ansly is now working 40+ hours a week and sharing an apartment with Jonas, also from the Congo. After the article was published,

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Update from Our Burkina Faso Friends

It has now been nearly a year since Issoufou, Emmanuel, and Idrissa were released from the Youngstown prison to live in the Sanctuary Apartment located at Forest Hill Church Presbyterian, Cleveland Heights. Click here to learn more about their escape from Burkina Faso and the $45,000 bond that our donors and community partners helped fundraise

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Giving Tuesday map of campaigns around the world

#GivingTuesday | A safe home and community for Noelani

2020 is the first Holiday Season in America for several of the immigrants AMIS supports, including *Noelani. This holiday season will be different for us Americans, but wildly different for the immigrants who have left their homelands in search of safety and a different life. Much like AMIS, Giving Tuesday began as a grassroots effort

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Thank You: Cultural Connections Was a Success!

In these dark times, we need a little enthusiastic but not entirely ‘in key’ ethnic music to give us hope. That and more was offered at AMIS’s Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser “Cultural Connections.” We saw firsthand most of the immigrants AMIS has helped with resources in its first year of existence – a year we

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Masks for Haiti: Ansly Damus

Ansly Damus, the Haitian refugee who spent two years in a Geauga County jail before inspiring a nationwide movement powered by grassroots organizers and the ACLU to rally for freedom on behalf of asylum-seeking immigrants, is now working full-time and living in his own apartment in Cleveland Hts.  He recently raised over $900 to buy

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