Welcome, Baby! Our Newest American Citizen

We are so excited to announce that Baby Aisha Lara is here!

On her due date, November 18, Habibou was surrounded by support, including a French speaking physician and a Birthing Beautiful Communities doula as the couple welcomed a healthy baby girl into their family and our community. 

As is their custom, the family organized a naming ceremony and breakfast, a “Lakh,” last week, inviting some AMIS supporters, the birthing team and guests from the local West African community 

AMIS is committed to supporting this family as they settle into a new life in America, and we are so grateful for your support that make experiences like this possible.

Today is #GivingTuesday and as the entire world celebrates radical generosity in all its’ forms, we can see it in action right here in Cleveland. Thank you for everything you do to make families like Habibou and Rahim’s feel welcome and loved in our community! 

Want to be more involved in supporting success stories like this one?

Below are three ways you can help: 

Spread the word. It doesn’t cost anything to share the mission of AMIS with other people! Click on the link to this story, post it on your social media pages or forward it in an email to someone who  might be supportive. You can also share our donation page on social media and follow/like/share any posts from AMIS, Ohio on Facebook to be a social media champion of our mission! 

Give your time. We are always looking for liaisons and supporters to support the work of our small but mighty volunteer board. This could be someone to drive newcomers to appointments, interpreters, or even workplaces looking to hire immigrants seeking work. We are also looking for representatives from the immigrant community to serve on our board to ensure that our work aligns with the needs/concerns/values of those we are serving. 

Donate. We might be a little biased, but we can’t think of any other nonprofit in Greater Cleveland where your dollars will have a more direct impact in life changing (and life saving) ways.

From doula services and doctor’s appointments, to mental health counseling and dental work, rent subsidies, cell phones, internet access, DACA fees, groceries, transportation to work, and more your radical generosity makes it possible for AMIS to fill in the gap for those who would otherwise be left behind by many traditional programs and services.

Our board is accountable, transparent, frugal and thoughtful, making sure that every dollar donated amplifies our commitment to ease the burdens of those seeking legal status in the United States.

Thank you, again, for making these success stories possible for Habibou, Rahim and so many others like them. 

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