Urgent Help: COVID-19
The Impact on Ohio Immigrants

AMIS Ohio uses the following criteria to determine how donations are allocated: 

  1. Recipient must be pursuing permanent legal status. (Waived during COVID-19.)
  2. Covered expenses include legal fees, education, medical and living expenses. 
  3. Recipient must have no criminal record outside of the immigration process.
  4. Preference will be given to immigrants in Ohio and Michigan, Detroit ICE Region.

Americans Making Immigrants Safe (AMIS) invites you to help some of the most vulnerable Ohioans affected by the coronavirus pandemic – our undocumented neighbors.

Immigrants make up a significant part of our workforce, often in high-risk jobs that keep society running. But they rarely qualify for traditional support programs and benefits. In addition, they are: 

  • Less likely to have health insurance or paid sick leave putting them at further risk
  • Mostly ineligible for unemployment insurance
  • Unable to receive cash payments included in the $2 trillion federal relief package – even if they paid taxes and have children that are U.S. citizens.

Because of your past generosity, AMIS has already helped several undocumented residents who are facing a devastating financial crisis while struggling to gain legal status. 

Yesica lost her restaurant job because of COVID-19 shutdowns, and as a single mother with two children needed help to pay rent, food and utilities. AMIS was there for her.

Juana is afraid to look for work out of fear of being deported, and due to the pandemic, her small candy business went bust. AMIS is helping with rent and food.

Jorge is in jail, having been denied hearings for asylum and bond. He is afraid of contracting illnesses in prison and needs help with legal proceedings to grant him relief. By giving funds for legal representation, AMIS is there for him.

A number of people have expressed interest in donating a portion of their CARES Act Rapid Rebates from the federal government to support others in need. Thank you. Whether you are eligible for cash payments or not, AMIS hopes you will consider helping our undocumented neighbors in need.

Donations can also be mailed to AMIS at P.O. Box 18558 Cleveland Hts. OH 44118.

$1,200 can cover a month of rent and groceries for one family.
$600 can pay a month’s rent for someone like Yesica.
$300 will cover a month of extra groceries for children unexpectedly home from school. 
Even $100 will make a meaningful difference for families that are used to living very modestly.

We are all facing an extraordinarily challenging time right now. Your generosity on behalf of those whose voice is faint but whose needs are great is deeply appreciated. Thank you!


Anne Hill, Board President
Americans Making Immigrants Safe