Thank You: Cultural Connections Was a Success!

In these dark times, we need a little enthusiastic but not entirely ‘in key’ ethnic music to give us hope. That and more was offered at AMIS’s Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser “Cultural Connections.” We saw firsthand most of the immigrants AMIS has helped with resources in its first year of existence – a year we on the Board are all very proud of. AMIS gave over $47,000 to support immigrants from many parts of the planet – 14 immigrants and their families.

AMIS doesn’t work alone though. Our Board members have built relationships with 11 other organizations – faith based and secular – to raise money for bond for Jonas, from Congo, and Emmanuel, Idrissa, and Issoufou from Burkina Faso and support money for Leonora’s and Laura’s families that are here awaiting their Visas. In exchange they and the others we help have enriched our lives and given us some hope that there will be a better future. All of them suffered through terrible times back home and came here to find a group of Americans willing to stand with them and help them out while they get on their feet. I, for one, am proud to stand with them and humbled by their good humor and resilience.

And Ansly, the first beneficiary of AMIS, is on his feet now with a job, a car, an apartment and a roommate. He has sent face masks back home to Haiti and is supporting his own 2 children and 6 others’ education in Haiti.

We thank all of you for supporting this cause and hope that our second year will be as eventful as our first. 

To view the event program and a summary of our first year activities, click here. 

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