Donations for Atiq

Donations via this link will be designated to the January 23, 2022 grassroots fundraiser for Atiq who recently arrived from Afghanistan after the collapse of the Afghan government in August 2021. Atiq worked  for the U.S. government, and he is now trying to bring his wife to America safely. All funds will be used for the expenses related to reuniting Atiq with his family. 

Donations can also be mailed to: AMIS, P.O. Box 18558, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118
Please note “For Atiq” in the memo line, if a check is mailed to the address above.

Your tax-deductible donation to AMIS, Inc. is always used to support the well-being of immigrants and their families as they seek legal status in the United States. Click here for current information about the urgent issues and people that your donation will support. 

Donation via this link should be designated “For Atiq” and can also be mailed to:
P.O. Box 18558
Cleveland Hts., OH 44118

Thank you for making a donation to Americans Making Immigrants Safe. The following criteria is used to determine where funds will be allocated:
1. Recipients must be pursuing permanent legal status (exceptions during COVID-19 pandemic).
2. Covered expenses include legal fees, education, medical and living expenses.
3. Recipients must have no criminal record outside of the immigration process.
4. Preference will be given to immigrants in Ohio and Michigan, the Detroit ICE Region.

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