$46 and Change: Gratitude from a DACA Recipient

Launched on Inauguration Day 2021, our $46 and Change” fundraising campaign has been a great success! We are so close to our initial goal and all $46 and Change donations received during the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration will be used to support DACA application fees for young Americans like *Mark Costillo (name changed) who recently sent this note of appreciation.

“I am very thankful that great people like you guys exist. With your help I will be able to get DACA and still have hope to achieve my dreams in this country. Thank you so much for supporting young people like me that will take advantage of opportunities like this and go farther than expected. It’s amazing that there are still people in this world that care about people in my situation. I hope one day I am blessed enough to give back to other kids in my situation because it feels like fallen from heaven to not have to worry about a big $495 fee. Again, thanks so much because I feel like I can chase my dreams again.” 


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