$46 and Change! Celebrating a new administration

Funds raised in the $46 and Change Campaign will be used to pay for the filing fees for DACA recipients which were recently increased dramatically by the Trump Administration to inhibit applications. The fee is $495/person.
Suggested Donation Amounts are $46.00, $92.00, $138.00 or $495.00, which pays the full amount of a DACA renewal application.
Our goal is to raise at least $4,950 by April 30. Through this campaign our priority is to assist 10 immigrant youth like Mark Castillo. Here is what Mark said about his situation, below:

“My name is Mark Castillo and I really need financial assistance with my DACA application. I am 17 and come from a low-income family but that hasn’t stopped me from doing good in school. I have taken AP classes and honors classes since my 8th grade year and have kept a GPA of 3.8 or higher on a 4 point scale, my highest GPA was a 4.2 . When I graduate this coming year in 2021, I would like to pursue my dream career which has always been nursing. I love helping people and would really like to be a nurse because I will be able to help the people that are sick. I have taken honors chemistry and honors biology to sort of see what classes I will take in college, and I have done very well – getting A’s in them. Last but not least I would really just appreciate any help and I am very thankful for any opportunity.” (Name Changed) “Mark” is a DACA Recipient, supported by AMIS, Inc. donations

It is our hope that the new leadership of the 46th U.S. President will significantly change how our national government treats immigrants and respects their rights. Until such changes occur, the important work of AMIS remains necessary to help ensure a quality of life for several immigrants and their families in Ohio. Through this campaign our priority is to assist 10 immigrant youth like Mark Castillo by paying for the fee increase imposed by the Trump Administration to renew their DACA application. We look forward to a change toward more humane ways of dealing with immigrants under the administration of America’s 46th President. 

Your donation of $46 represents a commitment to being the change we hope to see in our national leadership.

Your donation of $495 covers the whole application fee for a DACA recipient.

Thank you for helping AMIS continue its support of immigrants in need.

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